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Ferrea offers the finest titanium valve on the market. Our extensive R&D facility is constantly implementing new designs and processes, which continue to keep us in the forefront of engine valve technology. We manufacture each valve by forging a special high temperature titanium alloy with silicon. This high-temp alloy is considered a “special upgrade” by our competitors; however, it has been the standard material in all of our exhaust and some intake valves for years. The valves then undergo an extensive heat treatment and stress-relieving process to ensure molecular integrity and prolong the valve’s life. Each Ferrea titanium valve is meticulously machined in our own precision CNC machining centers where it must pass extensive quality control procedures. Our proprietary Chrome Nitride (CrN) coating sets the standard for valve manufacturers around the world. Our unique CrN coating is applied uniformly to the entire valve, forming a protective insulating barrier from high engine temperatures. Ferrea’s CrN coating provides rapid heat dissipation to the valve guide surface, friction reduction, wear resistance, hardness, and allows dynamic valve train forces and valve flex stresses without delaminating or flaking. All of our special processes provide maximum performance and reliability, affording longer life in today’s professional racing engines

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