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Change the appearance & performance of your engine with a single six rib serpentine belt to drive all of your accessories. Our drive system brackets and pulleys are CNC machined from the highest quality 6061T6 aluminum. Serpentine pulley systems include all of the necessary stainless steel fasteners as well as the highest quality, name-brand components including Edelbrock/Tuff Stuff/Ford Racing water pumps, Powermaster alternators, Gates tensioner and six rib serpentine belts, Sanden A/C compressors, and Maval power steering pumps.

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Description: S-Drive serpentine pulley kits include everything to accessorize your '68 Pontiac 326-455 engine, Polished Finish
Item #: EMI-MS117-60M
Condition: New
Price: $2,199.95


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