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Eagle Specialty
Eagle's commitment to quality and service has resulted in customer loyalty and satisfaction. Continuous design improvements and improvements in materials and manufacturing techniques have resulted in Eagle being the largest and most respected aftermarket connecting rod and crank manufacturer in the industry. Because of this commitment to quality, Butler LS recommends Eagle in many applications of performance engines.

Browse 3" Main- Cast Crankshafts for 326/350/389/400/Aftermarket Blocks Products

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Description: New Eagle Cast Crankshaft 3.00" Main Journal Size 4.250" Stroke 2.200" BBC Rod Journal 6.800" Min. Rod Length
Item #: EAG-104004250
Condition: New
Price: $289.95

Description: New Eagle Cast Crankshaft- Stock Replacement 3.00" Main Journal Size 3.750" Stroke 2.250" Pontiac Rod Journal 6.625" Rod Length 2.75" Hub Must be balanced prior to installation Will accept...More Details »
Item #: EAG-104013750
Condition: New
Price: $359.95

Items 1-2 of 2