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Engine Components- Internal
Quality internal engine parts are vital to performance and longevity. Butler Performance only uses crankshafts, rods, pistons, rings, bearings, and more from race proven manufacturers that stand behind their products.

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Engine Components- Internal - Engine Rebuilder Kits
Let Butler do the leg work and source all the parts needed to freshen up your Pontiac. From Re-Ring Kits to complete rebuild kits, we have the package and know how to make your Pontiac like new or even stronger. MORE KITS COMING SOON
Engine Components- Internal - Bearings
Bearings are vital to engine longevity and performance. Butler carries many name brands that specialize in performance rod, main, and cam bearings such as Clevite, Federal Mogul, and more.
Engine Components- Internal - Crankshafts
Butler stock cast, forged, and billet crankshafts from industry leading brands such as Scat, Crower, Eagle, RPM, Ohio, and more. These cranks can be purchased individually or part of a custom rotating assembly.
Engine Components- Internal - Main Caps
Engine Components- Internal - Oil Pumps & Accessories
The oiling system is vital to the life of an engine. Butler chooses to partner with experts in the industry that supplies oil pumps and oil pump accessories for performance Pontiacs.
Engine Components- Internal - Pistons
High performance Pontiac pistons by industry leading brands like Ross Racing, Keith Black, Icon, Dss, Federal Mogul, and more.
Engine Components- Internal - Pins
Purchase individual Piston Pins in a range of lengths and wall thicknesses from Ross, Ferrea, and Icon.
Engine Components- Internal - Rings
Butler Performance has the rings for your Pontiacs. Stock rings came in a thickness of 5/64 5/64 3/16 (455- 5/64 1/16 3/16) while most aftermarket rings are 1/16 1/16 3/16. Drop in rings must be...More Details »
Engine Components- Internal - Rods
Butler stock many types of rods from factory replacement, high performance H beam and I beam, to billet aluminum rods for racing and high horsepower combinations. Manufacturers include Eagle, Scat,...More Details »
Engine Components- Internal - Rotating Assemblies & Stroker Kits
The rotating assembly, or stroker kit, is the heart of a high performance engine. Butler uses only high quality crankshafts, rods, and pistons in their rotating assemblies as well as stock's many...More Details »