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Butler only uses high quality ignition and electrical components on their engines and you should too. With brands like MSD, FAST, Comp Cams, Accel, NGK, RPG, and more that you can trust from your Pontiac performance specialists. 

Need to know more about Pontiac Ignition Systems? See our Tech Article on how to choose the Ignition System for your Pontiac

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Ignition/Electrical - Ignition Kits
Ignition/Electrical - Distributors
Distributors have an attached gear and are driven by the camshaft. They contain a trigger for the coil (mechanical pickup, magnetic pickup, Hall Effect Switch, or Optical Trigger), most have an...More Details »
Ignition/Electrical - Ignition Boxes
These boxes are are capable of producing full power sparks throughout the entire rpm range. It draws its energy directly from the battery where a custom wound transformer steps it up to over 460...More Details »
Ignition/Electrical - Ignition Coils
The main difference in the coils besides voltage is resistance. Higher 1.5 and 3ohm coils are normally used in Points and inductive discharge ignitions. The lower ohm coils such as .7 , .38, and...More Details »
Ignition/Electrical - Spark Plug Wires
Ignition/Electrical - Spark Plugs
Here is an example if you have a question about the heat range on an NGK spark plug. The lower the #, the hotter the plug is. (Example- -6 is a hotter plug than -9) Spark plug gap...More Details »
Ignition/Electrical - Alternators
Ignition/Electrical - Distributor Gears
This is from Holley/MSD engineering: The PRD13906 is machined from 1144 Cold Rolled Steel, and it is case hardened via salt bath ferritic nitrocarburizing – what we refer to as QPQ. It...More Details »
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