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Distributors have an attached gear and are driven by the camshaft. They contain a trigger for the coil (mechanical pickup, magnetic pickup, Hall Effect Switch, or Optical Trigger), most have an advance assemble where timing is adjusted via weights on and springs that are activated at certain rpm's, Rotor and cap used to accept the voltage from the coil and sent out through the terminals. Updating your Distributor is one of the best performance upgrades and not only helps produce more power, but also helps improve fuel burn.

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Ignition/Electrical - Distributors - HEI
Our integrated coil HEI distributors negate the need to run an externally mounted coil. These make it the easiest ignition upgrade but the enlarged distributor housing size can cause fitment issues on some cars.
Ignition/Electrical - Distributors - Ready to Run
The ready to run are exactly as they sound and ready to run with minimal requirements for installation. Inside the housing there is an ignition module that produces a much hotter spark which will...More Details »
Ignition/Electrical - Distributors - Pro Series
These distributors do not contain an integrated ignition module and must be controlled with an external cd box. Designed for street performance or racing applications. These normally have an...More Details »
Ignition/Electrical - Distributors - Dual Sync / Hyperspark (EFI Ready)
Dual Sync Sensors generate two signals, one for crank and one for cam. Using this setup allows for individual timing control when using ignition boxes. These distributors have what is called a...More Details »
Ignition/Electrical - Distributors - Points Conversions
There are several points conversion systems out there that use an electronic triggering system in place of the mechanical setup. An example of this is the Igniter III system from Pertronix. These...More Details »
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