The locations of our customers vary from here in the U.S. to all over the world! We are proud to be able to provide high levels of service and a quality product no matter if your in another state or another country!

  • D. Rodia Subject: Re: Shipped!

    Received!! Thanks so much Michael, I received the kit on the 16th and everything looks great!! Very nice work on everything and please give a Thank You to everyone who does all the machining and everything else that it takes. Very pleased with it all. Can’t wait till this fall to pull my current engine out and build the new one to replace it. Hopefully in the near future when cam cores are available, I’ll be putting an order in for a new solid roller. Thanks Again!!! D. Rodia

  • Dan M. 1966 GTO

    Dear Butler Performance,
    I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how pleased I am with my purchases and customer service from you. As a business owner and manager I know that most correspondence is from unhappy customers. I wanted to relay how pleased I am.
    Over the last several years I have purchased multiple items from Butler for my 1966 Pontiac GTO. Most recently I ordered a 461 Stroker engine kit and Cold Case radiator. The customer service and technical advice was outstanding.
    Greg talked to me about what my goals were and then put together a quote listing all the parts necessary. He communicated all through the order and assembly process.
    The engine is beautiful, sounds amazing and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the performance. What a difference from the original 389!
    Thank you Butler Performance. I sing your praises at every car show and Pontiac forum I am involved with.


  • C. Ayala I just got off the phone with Ben and wanted to reach out to let you guys know that he was very knowledgeable and helpful, not just with my order and helping me choose what I needed based on my current build as well as my goals, but he also had good advice for getting the smell of gasoline out of my garage. I had also been looking at the gas tanks over at OPGI but it was Ben's helpfulness that encouraged me choose Butler for my purchase (order #241xxxx). I am a first-time customer and will gladly continue to do business with you guys in the future.

    Christian Ayala
  • Rodd Price Rating: 5.0
    By: Rodd Price
    On: Google at Oct 29 2018 06:06:38
    Comment: The staff at Butler Performance are great and provide excellent customer service and customer care. I frequently visit or order parts from them over the website for a 500 CID stroker engine that I m currently building. They are very knowledgeable and give great advice to first time builders or seasoned performance enthusiasts of the Poncho family of engines. They sell everything from Oil pumps to Aftermarket performance heads such as Kaufman, Tiger and Edelbrock. You can also find small parts that are hard to source like Cam Centrics and heavy duty plates for the SD style oil pumps. There is a world of knowledge in their website on parts as well to help you make informed decisions on the parts you want or need. When you go by you can also get the dime tour of their machine shop, dyno room, Parts lines and some of the customer builds such as Big Chiefs motors used on Street Outlaws. They also race what they sell on Rodney Butlers Promod as well. Yes they build other GM products lines of engines too including LS. Induction systems, no problem twin turbos to blowers they ve got you covered!! Just call and ask or stop by if you are in the area or heading up I-65 or US43!! :-)

    Rating: 5.0
    By: Jim Phillips
    On: Google at Aug 04 2018 09:12:42
    Comment: Had a great visit at Butler Performance. Rodney, David, and their crew helped me address a couple of issues with the F.A.S.T. injection setup. If you need Pontiac or LS engine work, check them out!
  • M Vitamvas

    Wanted to send a note thanking you for sponsoring last weekends Pontiac Challenge Event at I 29 raceway. This was the 12th event and I have attended them all. It is great to have the Pontiac showcased. I was the runner up in the box class this year and received a Butler Performance gift certificate that I will be putting to good use. I have been a Butler customer for many years and always appreciate your advice and recommendations. You have never steered me wrong. Thank You again.

    M Vitamvas

  • D. Meyers Hello Butler Performance

    Just a note to say thanks for shipping the Pulley we needed for our customer build, It is perfect and lined up correctly for our lower Crankshaft pulley, Alternator, and Power steering pump.
    We appreciate the Quality and finish of your products as In the past it has helped us finish our build.

    Thanks Again
    D. Meyers
    Performance Motorsports Of Oklahoma City
  • R. Harris We have been dealing with Butler Performance for several years starting in 2004 when they built us one of their 461 "stroker" engines for our '67 GTO. We were extremely happy with it. After 10 years of my continuous pounding on the go pedal and smokescreens we decided to tear it down freshen it up with a few upgrades of course. They stand behind their products and offer customer service that is second to none! We recently ordered a set of one off custom valve covers from them after attempting the same from another well known Pontiac parts and services supplier. Thankfully that was a disaster and we discovered that Butler offers the same services. Again we are extremely pleased with both the products and services offered by Butler Performance and their family values! We definitely suggest them for any and all of your Pontiac needs! Thanks again to Caleb, Jim, David, Rodney and the entire Butler Performance crew. You guys rock!
  • K. Stirling Prices are competitive with summit or jegs but if you need help and call Butler performance you'll be blown away. A real person actually answers the phone. But it doesn't stop there, the real person is actually really knowledgeable and willing to answer all of your questions.

    If you're building a Pontiac you won't be disappointed with Butler performance. They have been a ton of help for me so far.
  • D. Lloyd I wanted to thank Greg, Scott, Michael, and Rodney for all their expertise. Greg was patient with me when I kept changing my mind. Scott did a fabulous job helping during the build and taking all the pictures I asked for and Michael went way out of his way to make sure my motor arrived before the 4th holiday. All though I did not talk to him, Rodney did an excellent job assembling my motor so that it could make the outstanding numbers it made on the dyno.
    It was my pleasure working with these guys and look forward to the next time. Thanks very much for a job well done!!!
  • Shelby, North Carolina This is the most help I have ever received when trying to order a part. You guys even gave me fuel advice after hearing the specifications of my build, and it was not to sell me more parts but just to make sure that I was going to be good. Unmatched customer service! Y'all just bought yourselves a customer for life!!! — in Shelby, North Carolina.
  • Western Washington Firebirds Just wanted to let you know that we received your items for our All Pontiac Show. Thanks again, with out you and other car related companies, we could not have a show, Especially Butler Performance. You guys are the best High Performance Pontiac engine builders out there! Thank so much!

    Jeff Driscoll
    Western Washington Firebirds
  • Perry Bought some items from you at Pontiac Nationals in Norwalk this past weekend. Talked to you guys and really appreciate you taking time to help out. You guys are great. I thank you again for being so out going.
  • Reed Well,
    I cant say enough about the service Jim provided. Knowing full well I am a weekend mechanic struggling to fine tune my car...he stuck with it. I have had ample conversations with mechanics regarding rear main leak. Visions of towing my car to Tennessee had become an option! Last ditch attempt to repair oil flowing from the VC breathers,Dip stick, RM was to weld plates behind the breathers inside the VC. Not my idea...I trusted they (local shop) new what they where doing. Jim and I started trading emails when I gave up on the RM leak realizing I would need to pull the motor and again install a seal. He basically said why not try a evac pump! before I mail, personally deliver my 428 to him in a box.

    It’s in and looks great waiting to fire up the motor and hopeful the RM seal is stable enough to hold. One question in the back of my mind is. Once the seal is blown will it hold back the oil? Have to wait and see. Long and the short is I will need a evac anyway do to the positive pressure the motor makes related to try power and conventional PCV. I made a great choice calling Jim and reading Davids Hot Rod article on evac.

  • Brian Reidy

    Drove up to my local track last night, this car was getting quite a bit of attention. The car was torquing the left front tire up so hard that it (SNAPPED) the rear swaybar on a launch. Never been so proud of my Butler Power!!

    Thanks for everything guys,

    Brian Reidy
    Service and Parts Director
    Peninsula Infiniti

  • Vaughan Spanos

    Dear Dave,

    Attached are the pics of our 73 Trans Am. Your company built this engine in 1995, the same year that we restored and rebuilt the car. The odometer was set to ZERO at that time, and as you can see it now has around 90,000 mile on it.

    This vehicle has been on 4 consecutive Hotrod Power Tours as well as in the 12's at the track, and also many cross country trips!

    When we recently saw you at the Year One Experience in Atlanta we took it on the track and it ran great as well. We have never had any problems with the engine and would like to thank you for doing such a great job on it. It has given us many enjoyable hours on the road.

    Thanks again,
    Vaughan Spanos 6-22-12

  • Tim Bell


    I do not have a normal customer testimonial. Long story short, I was cruising through the Craigslist automobiles for sale in the State of Texas.

    I ended up on the Lubbock, Texas Craigslist and two things caught my eye on a rather short add for a 1978 Trans Am. They were, Butler and Tremec. I could not stand it, so I called the guy who owned the car and he said it had been parked for six years in a shed, but it still ran. I rented a car hauler, and made the 5 hour drive to Lubbock.

    The car had four flat tires, and the interior was out of the car. But it had a Butler 455 Crate Engine in it, and a Tremec TKO 600. The owner supplied a 3 ring binder with all of the tech information from your firm on the build of the engine. We got the engine started, I drove it, and I bought it on the spot for a very good price.

    That was six months ago, and all I have done to the engine is change the oil, new oil filter, new fuel filter, and new spark plugs. The previous owner was not much on maintenance, so I had to tighten up all of the intake bolts, oil pan bolts, and header bolts. That stopped the oil leaks.

    The Butler 455 crate motor ya'll built is bullet proof and runs very, very well. I have had some issues with getting the car back on the road, but none of them are related to the the Butler Engine.

    Your Butler Engine was abused, neglected, and parked for six years in less than an ideal conditions. Yet it still runs better than any other engine I have ever owned, and it is rock solid.

    I have made numerous telephone calls to Butler Performance while in the process of getting the Trans Am back on the road. Each time I have received thoughtful, and helpful replies to my questions about the Butler Engine. They did not care that I did not buy the engine from them, they just want to be helpful and keep their engines on the road.

    Thank goodness for Butler Performance Engines and diamonds in the rough on Craigslist.

    Tim Bell
    Cleburne, Texas

  • Steven Shannon

    I appreciate your quick reply(by email) to my question (concerning an engine for a 2000 Gran Prix). My first car was a Bandit Trans Am and I've been into Pontiac's ever since. One of the things in today’s society that really disappoints me is the basic level of courtesy and customer service that most companies seem to have forgotten about so even though you were unable to help me, it's a pleasure to see a company who still cares about their customers. I've been a part of the Pontiac community for over thirty years so when it came time to start this project with my father's car, there isn't another company (including local shops) who I would have contacted first. So continue the good work and I'll keep you in mind for future projects.

    Steven Shannon - 7-6-12

  • Rudi- South Africa

    Hi Jim,
    I looked at the motor for the first time yesterday, and it looks awesome!!! I would really really like to Thank You and your whole family for what you done for me. I really do appreciate how you helped me with the basis up to the technical specs and being EXTREMELY patient with me!
    br> Rudi- South Africa - August 3, 2011

  • Roubine Kibinian

    October 07, 2013
    Roubine Kibinian from Beirut/ Lebanon.

    Butler Performance supplied Roubine with a 501 cu.in. balanced rotating assembly, CNC ported Edelbrock heads, hydraulic roller cam kit, and just about everything else needed to build the 455 for his slick 1970 GTO. "I would like to thank you for all the help ,quality parts and advice you gave me and my mechanic. The car is running great and flawless. We can not thank you enough. Here is a picture of me on the left and my friend the Mechanic Sevag. I also sent you a picture of the car doing a burn out. I will send you a short video as well"

    Roubine Kibinian

  • Richard Heater

    Just wanted to let you know I got the engine fired up and it sounds great. Cranked over about 8 times and took off. Got my initial break in time run on it. So far so good. Just waiting for some dry weather so I can take it out for a road test. Wanted to thank you again for your assistance and advice for this build.

    Richard Heater (4/11/2014)

  • Peter - Denmark

    Engine has now arrived. It is a work of art- we are all very happy. Now all that remains is getting the car ready to receive it……………….
    JMvh / Regards

    Peter - Denmark - July 3, 2011

  • Paul - UK

    I recieved my parts order today, everything looks fine and it came through customs ok, I appreciate your help with this, I'll be sure to contact you when I next need some parts and will recommend you to any other Pontiac racers

    Paul - UK

  • Paul

    Just wanted you to know that the Center Force Dual Friction clutch arrived last week and was installed on Friday. The difference is night and day. This car has a Tremec TKO 600 and I was running the clutch that came with the install kit. It was so stiff that it was really a pain to drive and it chattered like crazy no matter how careful you were with it.

    The Center Force Dual Friction has such light pedal effort that it honestly feels like a hydraulic clutch in a modern Vette. The engagement is so smooth that driving the car is a dream. Thank you again for yet another great product at a great price and great customer service. I have ordered many parts from you along the way and I so appreciate all your help with my projects.

    You guys are the best in the business!

    Paul 4-16-2012

  • Nigel from England

    Hi Butler Performance,
    My order arrived today. Great product and great service - love the valve covers. Thanks for your help.
    I've had advice and ordered items from you several times and never had anything less than the best service every time. I'll definitely use Butler for all my Pontiac performance parts and advice in future.
    Nigel from England 6-27-12

  • Mike - WV

    Thanks Guys, finally found someone that listens and responds. Rings are perfect fit, great price. Yall got a new customer for life.

    Thanks Mike - WV
    October 21, 2011

  • Martin Croucher

    Hi Caleb,
    I just wanted to let you know that my order has been received.
    Thanks for your prompt service, good information and everything is excellent quality.
    This has been my first order ever from America but I wouldn't hesitate to use your company again.

    Best wishes,
    Martin Croucher - United Kingdom

  • Mark- AZ

    Dear Butler Performance,

    The engine is a Beast! So much power! Have only cracked the outer two carbs a couple times but holy cow, once in first and the tires lit up, once in second same thing! It will take some getting used to, so much power and right now power! Very crisp, my mechanic friend is amazed at the instant RPM response. Jim, Thank you, and PLEASE thank everyone who was involved.

    Mark- AZ - July 8, 2011

  • Mark Stira

    Email from Mark Stira.  Mark bought a balanced stroker rotating assembly, ported Edelbrock heads, mild hyd. Roller cam kit, and most other parts, gaskets, etc needed to assemble his engine, from Butler Performance. Mark had his block machined locally and then assembled the engine himself with specs and tech help from us. See Mark’s email and dyno results below:

    To All,
    Well the results are in. My engine just came off the dyno at Boucher’s Racing Engine shop. I was very happy with the results as they were everything I had hoped for.

    I want to thank everyone at Butler Performance for the advice, assistance and fair pricing on my engine parts.

    It’s people like the staff at Butler that make the automotive performance world a great place to be. In a world full of arrogance, your staff always took the time to patiently talk through any issues I had. Butler Performance is a real class act.

    Thanks again,
    Mark Stira - 9-25-12

    Boucher's Racing Engines Dynamometer
    Baro Press: 29.79 Intake: Port Matched Edelbrock Perf RPM
    Carb: Holley / Jetting P/80 6.5PV S/78
    Engine Owner: Mark Stira Headers: Dougs 1.875 X 3.5
    Engine : 495 Pontiac Distributor: HEI
    In Lash: 1/2 Turn Preload Timing: 36 @ 3000
    Ex Lash: 1/2 Turn Preload Vacuum: 14.92 @ Idle
    Cam: Comp XR288HR In @ 106 CL Bore: 4.185 / Stroke: 4.5
    Rockers: PRW Full Roller / 1.65 Ratio Fuel: 93 Octane Mobil
    Heads: Edelbrock Round Port 87cc / Butler Oil: BR 15W 50 Joe Gibbs 7 Quarts
    Max HP - 571.2 Max Ft. Lb - 627.0
  • Laurent from France

    Butler Performance -

    My friend Michael from Orlando received parts for my 7K3 heads. Thank you very much for your help in restoring my car for quick response to my e-mails and for very fast delivery. It's always a pleasure doing business with you. If I need anything else, I e-mail you !!

    Kindest regards,
    Laurent from France.
    February 11, 2011

  • Kurt - WA

    Hi David & Caleb,
    I've been wanting to drop you guys an e-mail to let you know how pleased I am with your work. The motor is running absolutely flawlessly and I've learned my lesson to have engine builders always build and assemble anything that I purchase in the future. There are no leaks, it idles perfectly, and it certainly has plenty of power!!

    I am doing exactly what I wanted to do with my vintage muscle car which is take it out and drive it!

    Thanks again for your work. I am one happy customer who will return to Butler for any future Pontiac needs.

    Kurt- WA

    click here to watch a clips of Kurt's car on the track

  • Krystian Bjorklund


    I never sent you any feedback regarding those headers I bought from you. (Doug’s D-581C) The fit was amazingly good so I am more than happy with the stuff and are looking forward to buy more Pontiac Performance upgrades from you in the future.

    The Pontiac tuning family here in Sweden is growing slowly and with good quality parts from guys like you we now can find parts to beat the other brands.

    Regards, Krystian - The Swede!
    (Krystian Bjorklund / Sweden) 11/18/2013

  • Kimberly Thanks for taking the time to talk engines with my son, Matthew. He absolutely loved every minute of it.
    You made his day! Y'all are the best.
    I just hope I can get him to take the shirt off so I can wash it.
    Thanks again
  • Jongsma, Pieter / The Netherlands

    Hello Butlers,

    Today the headers and shirts arrived and it is perfect. Thank you very much.
    I wish more companies had the same communication as you.

    (Jongsma, Pieter / The Netherlands) 01/16/2014

  • Johnny This letter is to inform you about the great service Greg & Shannon have given me. Over the course if this Summer I decided to warm up my 73 Pontiac 350 a bit and i know a lot of people are not too fond of the Poncho 350 but having read articles about your company for a few years, I knew you guys would give the best advice to squeeze out some power from this engine. That is where Greg came in, he gave me some recommendations on parts and he gave me the push i needed to install them since i never really did a Pontiac engine before and long and behold the engine runs very nice just like the way he said it would.I took the car on a 6 hour drive and not even a hiccup.i am so happy with the result and the patience he had because I called and or emailed him a few time during the build,never did he give me an attitude. He was always patient and so thorough on explaining everything. I had to return some parts to you guys and being a single widowed father, i got so busy and forgot to ship them back but got around to it last week and without a question my credit was given back to me and Shannon emailed me a receipt. You have two outstanding employees!

    Maybe in the future that 350 should be shipped to you and see what power can be squeezed out. Need to save up for that.

    Again thanks for all the great customer service!!

  • John Savidis

    Please tell Rodney as well thank you for the great work he did with putting my motor together. You guys are the BEST!! This was with my estimated heavy 4000lb.+ Car with me in it(Original buckets & No fiberglass) I’m thinking about rear strong arms and air bags for over the winter. I really think bottom 10’s can be made with my street GTO. Thank you David.

    John Savidis 10-28-12

  • Joe Hand

    Butler Performance,

    Just a note to let you know the engine went together just fine (with the rotating assembly supplied by Butler Performance). I was really impressed with the machine work on the crank, bearing clearance was right on the money on each bearing surface! The engine performs great and is very smooth running, a sign of a quality balance job. Thanks again for you help,

    Joe Hand - MO
    October 18,2011

    PS: Jim Hand is my dad and he said to say Hi.

  • Jesper Hastrup

    Butler performance & Staff,

    Package delivered, and everything is 100% OK.
    Thank you for your great service, advice and fast delivery.

    Jesper Hastrup
    Denmark, Europe.
    November 03, 2010

  • Jerry Liford

    Hey guys, spoke to Jim Butler on Tuesday morning, asked him some questions about the crankshafts you sell and we had a wonderful chat. I called back later in the afternoon after checking with my wonderful wife and spoke to Caleb and he took my order (and he even apologized for having a head cold). He told me I should receive my order on Thursday. It all arrived in good condition. Well, just wanted to say thanks for the help and now I can get started with the 462 for my 69 Grand Prix. Also I want to let you guys know I contacted a few other companies before I called you, and couldn't get a complete answer after 5 e-mails. So glad I called butler performance, got all my answers with a great attitude, keep up the good work and I will definitely buy from butlers again.


  • J. Brady My name is Jennifer Brady and I order apparel items for my husband through this company. I want to thank you for always getting my order out so fast. I usually decide to order him things right before a special date ( usually the last minute). This weekend is his birthday and once again I waited until the last minute. lol. Your company is so fast on getting orders out the door so I just wanted to say Thank You.


    J Brady
    Ashland City, TN 37015

    P.S Ask Big Chief to send my husband a little something if he ever comes to your shop.. Or murder Nova. He is absolutely the biggest fan. Every time they both wear new hats or shirts I then have to find those items online so my husband can have them too. He is obsessed. Lol..

    Thank you again, great job guys keep up the good work!
  • Huey Long

    Thank you for everything, you have been a tremendous help in my first Pontiac motor build.
    People like you and the others at Butler Performance is why I will always buy everything I need that I can get from you all.

    Huey Long (Parkersburg, WV) 4/9/2014
    Proud owner of a 1970 Lemans GT-37 SPORT

  • Gary Firch


    I have won another best of show award today,at the La Salle/Peru car show in La Salle Illinois. Thank you for an outstanding engine that performs,on the street as well as on the dragstrip. This trans-am and 505ci engine is totally blowing the doors off ,other cars in the car show circuit. Today marks the 30th award this year,of 31 shows I have entered my bandit edition trans- am. Offers to buy my trans-am are starting appear, well this car is not for sale. Thanks, David for a perfect engine package for my trans-am.

    Gary Firch
    September 18, 2011

  • Frank Knobelspies

    The parts arrived today. Very fast! Very nice parts! Very good job!

    Kind regards, Frank Knobelspies – Germany 5-6-2013

  • Dean - Canada

    Hello, just a quick note to say that I received my order yesterday and everything was fine and correct per my order. Thank you for your quick service.

    Dean - Canada - July 30, 2011

  • David Winter / Australia

    I would like to once again thank you and your company for the great service. In this world, it is very pleasing to find a company like yours, a company that has a real heart and soul, for what they are doing. I can say that it has been a real pleasure to deal with you. Cannot wait till the engine is finished, I will email you the engine dyno run and figures.

    (David Winter / Australia) 02/8/2016

  • David Sewell

    Mr. Butler:

    I want to thank you for spending the time on several occasions to help me with my newly built 455. It was burning oil and had low cranking compression.You advised me to pull air from the valve cover breathers back to the air cleaner and sent the parts needed. I did it and the oil consumption immediately dropped. Furthermore, after only 150 miles, cold cranking compression is now at 150 psi!! I just checked one cylinder but expect they all are coming up. I will put a thousand or so miles on it and see how it does. I may have to call again, but I am pretty confident it will now seal as it should. I have also talked to Chase on occasion and he is always very helpful.

    You folks are a great resource, even after “the sale” and I greatly appreciate you all.
    David Sewell - TN - August 19,2011

  • Dave Dillon

    "Wanted to let you guys know how great my engine package runs & performs! I finally made it to the drag strip w/my car what was about 22 yrs.to the day since I was @ Ubly Dragway before I parked it & made the car what it is today! It ran consistent 10.40’s all day. We had people coming over & checking out my car & they couldn’t believe it when I told them it runs on pump gas w/ street tires & mufflers. There was a few Pontiac guys there that were very impressed that when they looked under the hood they were expecting to see a big block Chevy and seeing a Pontiac setting in there they wanted to know all about it. So I told them if you want to make your Pontiac engine run like mine and be reliable to drive, get ahold of Butler Performance! l tell everybody @ all the car shows we go to also because I get so many compliments on how great my engine looks! It got me a trophy @ Frankenmuth Auto Fest this fall. They only give out 50 awards and there were around 2500 cars there! So thanks again for getting my engine running right w/ the head & cam package to complete the 467 kit. It runs and sounds wicked!"

    Dave Dillon - MI 10/16/2013

  • Dale K.

    Butler Performance, I would like to thank you and your employees down there for all the help you have given me. My engine builder has also called down and asked for advice. He is very happy with all the help he has received. Please pass this on and tell everyone a great big thank you from me.

    Thanks again,
    Dale K.

  • Chris Piper

    You're a great company to work with. Top quality products and excellent service. I'm impressed with the delivery being when you said it would be. Give my thanks to David and Jim, also

    Chris Piper - MI
    March 17, 2011

  • Bruce Wayne Egolf

    Dear Butler Performance Team,

    You have been outstanding in your help with my order in the rebirth of my 1976 Trans Am 455. You could have just sold me parts and been done, but instead you shown compassion that not many companies have anymore. Your pride and professionalism shown as bright as the north star, and with very knowledgeable folks on your team you were able to save me money and still helped me put together an awesome engine combination to showcase Pontiac power. I will proudly drive my Trans Am as much and as hard as possible and spread the good name of Butler Performance. I will send some pictures as soon as I get the engine installed. I serve my country in the navy and it makes me proud to know that folks such as Butler Performance understand my hardships and find ways to repay me for them.

    EN1(EXW,FMF,SW) Bruce Wayne Egolf,
    (That’s right – Batman will soon have a very fast Pontiac Batmobile)
    December 1, 2010

  • Bjørn from Norway

    ...And again, thank you very much for all your help during this build. And for the super quick delivery on the parts.

    Best Regards,

    Bjørn from Norway - 5-13-12

  • Thanks for taking the time to talk engines with my son, Matthew. He absolutely loved every minute of it.
    You made his day! Y'all are the best.
    I just hope I can get him to take the shirt off so I can wash it.
    Thanks again
    K. Smith
  • Thanks for taking the time to talk engines with my son, Matthew. He absolutely loved every minute of it.
    You made his day! Y'all are the best.
    I just hope I can get him to take the shirt off so I can wash it.
    Thanks again
    K. Smith