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Over the last couple of years our engine program has evolved, and we are no longer offering custom/built to order engines (short block, long block, or complete engines).

Our Pontiac crate engines are now based on our most popular tried and true combinations. These will be built one at a time and listed here when ready for purchase

If a listing below show contact us, it is currently available for purchase.

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Description: Butler Custom Built (Assembled) Short Block 400/557
Item #: BP-108126-SBK
Condition: New
Limited Supply: Only 1 Left!
Ready to ship
450 handling fee includes business truck freight delivery to most areas. Some delivery areas, residential, and any residential liftgate fees (if needed) may be extra (will provide detailed quote before shipping)
Price: $6,575.00
Sale: $5,995.00
Save: 9%
Save: $580.00


Description: Butler custom built 467 cuin 428 Block Pump Gas Carbureted Engine. 567hp 602 lbs tq 4-bolt main, ALL Forged, Edelbrock Heads
Item #: BP-107428-ENG
Condition: New
Limited Supply: Only 1 Left!
650 handling fee includes commercial delivery in Cont US. Additional fees may be assessed for residential and liftgate delivery
Price: $23,695.00
Sale: $21,995.00
Save: 7%
Save: $1700.00

Description: Butler custom built 467 cuin making 650hp on pump gas. Aggressive idle quality yet still streetable.
Item #: BP-103442-ENG
Condition: New
Description: Customized Butler Performance Engine Butler 389 Core block 4.092 Bore, 4.250 stroke, 6.800 rod All engines undergo the "Butler Process"
Item #: BP-103617-ENG
Condition: New
Description: Customized Butler Performance Engine Butler Core block 4.181 Bore, 4.250 stroke, 6.800 rod All engines undergo the "Butler Process"
Item #: BP-105185-ENG
Condition: New
Description: Butler TorqStorm Engine- Carbureted 4.160 Bore Forged Crank/H-Beam 2000 Rods Custom Built and Dyno Tuned in House All engines undergo the "Butler Process"
Item #: BP-77641-ENG
Condition: New
Description: Butler Performance Engine- EFI or Carb Choose 4.155Bore (400 block) 4.250" Stroke Forged Crank/H-Beam 2000 Rods Custom Built and Dyno Tuned in House...More Details »
Item #: BP-86379-ENG
Condition: New
Description: Butler Performance 467 Engine- Carbureted 4.181 Bore (455 block) Forged Crank Custom Built and Dyno Tuned in House Underwent the "Butler Process"
Item #: BP-87690-ENG
Condition: New
Items 1-8 of 8

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More About Crate Engines- Butler Built

Complete Engine vs Builder Kit

Complete Crate Engine (assembled)
Our complete assemble engines are fully assembled, blueprinted, and dyno tuned ready for installation when received. Our engines include a new aftermarket block, a Butler supplied core block (no core charge) or using your block. Using a customer block does have more steps as the block need to be shipped in or delivered where we can clean it, inspect it, and sonic test it to ensure we are starting with a block worthy of building. We can help with inbound shipping if needed. Those details will be covered more in depth if you decide to take this route in your build.
This type of build normally takes the longest time due to the added services of assembly, the complexity of dyno testing, and the added crating system used to transport a completely assembled engine.

Crate Engine Builder Kit
We can also do a complete engine (Long Block or Short Block) in unassembled kit form that you (or your shop) build. These lead times are short due to the extra services not being done in our shop. These kits can be produced in 14-16 weeks. These kits include the same blocks as a complete engine, fully machined and ready to assemble. We include all the same parts we would use in our assembly shop and ship to you or your chosen shop.

These kits are machined, and blueprinted ready for your final inspection/cleaning and assembly. Here at Butler we do not look at this as competition but rather we are partnering and will provide any technical details you may need including torque specs or assembly procedures and methods.
Custom Engine vs Butler Engine Package

We can build you any Pontiac engine imaginable and have probably already done it. These are custom engines and take a large amount of time on the front end designing and specing out the details. We also ensure that the combinations of parts will produce what is expected. Based on our build history and experience we can almost always deliver what is expected. These take a substantial amount of time testing and tuning. If this is the route you want to go then Butler can accommodate.

We have spent many years making each engine custom designed. During this time we have put together the combinations that simply work and deliver the HP and Torque levels expected. This has lead us to our Butler Packages.

These are more detailed on our site but you can basically select from these packages;

Stealth/Stock Appearing Crate Engines

450-600 HP Crate Engine and Crate Engine Builder Kits 

600-800 HP+ Crate Engines and Crate Engine Builder Kits

These have the same core components to make the power expected but still with basic options of carb/efi, paint color, and the other details to accent the look you are desiring. These packages have a faster setup time due to internal components are already spec'd and ready to select the final appearance options.
Your Block or BP Block

We can build your engine or kit using your block or a Butler supplied block. When using a customer block we can help arrange inbound shipping to make the process much easier. Once the block arrives we will thoroughly test it before machining. Butler also has core and aftermarket blocks available. Core blocks are thoroughly tested as well and there is no core charge. Aftermarket block are available in cast or aluminum. Aftermarket blocks are usually 505-535 cuin builds.
Pricing- Estimated

Engine Type Price Range
Complete Custom Engines 16-24k
Complete Stealth/Stock Appearing 14-16k
Complete 450-600hp 14-16k
Complete 600-800+hp 15-19k

Custom Engines Builder Kit 14-22k
Stealth/Stock Appearing Builder Kit 11-14k
450-600hp Builder Kit 11-14k
600-800+hp Builder Kit 13-17k

**Price range is subject to selected options
Lead Time

Our shop tries our best to keep a reliable build schedule where we can deliver as promised. With that being said, 2020 and 2021 have been trying times due to lack of parts and raw goods industry wide. There is nothing more frustrating for you the customer, and us the builder, than delays and missed delivery dates. This is why Butler Performance has a build schedule with slots scheduled throughout the year. This ensures that a customer that is ready with their deposit will be put into the schedule and given a delivery window they can depend on. As always, if there is anything that holds a build up, we will communicate and make any changes necessary to get back on schedule

Our current Engine Program is booked through the end of 2021 and we will start to schedule for 2022 soon.

Once your build comes up to start we will contact you to make sure your build schedule is ready and final payment arrangements are in place if a deposit only has been made. Another 25% is due before machining starts. Once the machining starts you can expect about 4 weeks shop time for complete engines and 2-3 for engine kits. When the build is finished and ready for crating we will contact you to go over shipping details and get the final payment.

We accept deposits on engines and engine kits and must be paid in full prior to shipping. To lock in your build and be put on the schedule a 50% deposit is required. Payments can be made throughout the process to reduce the final balance before shipping. All major forms of payments accepted as well as wire transfer and some financing options are available.
Contact us for more details on any of these options or with any questions.