Machine Shop Services

Services Include:

Engine Component Balancing

Cylinder Block Preparation




Align Honing

Clearancing for Stroker Crankshaft Assemblies

Connecting Rod Reconditioning

Piston Machining

Cylinder Head Machining


Cylinder Head Porting


Honing and Boring Services
Cylinder Hone - Deck Plates Nominal Size
Cylinder Hone - Piston Fit to Deck Plates
Cylinder Boring .030 over Max
Cylinder Boring .030 to .060


Align Honing and Boring Services
Align Hone 2 bolt block
Align Hone 4 bolt block
Align Hone Crossbolted block (Ex. Mod, LSx FE)
Align Bore to Nominal Bore Size


Decking and Block Deburr Services
Deck Block- Cleanup Cut
Deck Block- Max 30
Deburr Block- Major surfaces and edges, oil passages, bottom of bores
Deburr Block- Full Race Prep


Block Sleeving and Cam Bearings
Install Sleeves-8 Sleeves installed and decked
Install 1 Sleeve 1 Sleeve installed decked
Install Roller Cam Bearings
Install and Remove Cam bearings- Regular bearings


Miscellaneous Block Procedures
Wash and Degrease Block
Burn and Blast Block
Measure and Inspect Block-Bore Size, Main Bore Size, Deck Height


Piston and Rod Procedures
Remove rods from Pistons- Press Fit
Remove rods from Pistons- Full Floating
Pin Fit Rods- .003 max stock removal
Pin Fit Rods-.003-.005
Pin Fit Pistons-.003 max stock removal
Pin Fit Pistons-.003-.005
Rod Bearing Clearances- clearances done to .0002 tolerance


Head and Intake Machining Operations
Mill intake surfaces max .030 - no china wall
Mill intake surfaces max .030 and china wall
Mill Cylinder Heads max .010
Mill Cylinder Heads max .030
Add Fuel Injection Bosses


Cylinder Head Operations
Hand Porting & CNC Porting
Valve Job- 16 Ports 3 angle
Valve Job- 24 Ports 3 angle
Valve Job- 32 Ports 3 angle
Disassemble Heads and degrease
Assemble Heads
Install Guides- 16 Guides and hone to size
CC Chamber
Flow Test Cylinder Heads- 1 intake and 1 exhaust port

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