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Butler stock many types of rods from factory replacement, high performance H beam and I beam, to billet aluminum rods for racing and high horsepower combinations. Manufacturers include Eagle, Scat, Crower, GRP, Oliver, Callies, RPM, and more.

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6.625" Length rods are Pontiac factory length rods and have a rod journal size of 2.250". These rods are factory length for 3.75", 4.00", and 4.210" Strokes
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The 6.700" rod is used in the 4.000" stroke kits with 1.520" pin heights. These have a BBC rod journal size of 2.200"
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The 6.800" rod is used in our Pontiac Stroker Kits. It has a BBC rod journal size of 2.200". The rods are used in the 4.000" (with 1.420" pin height), 4.250", 4.350", and 4.500" strokes
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