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Edelbrock Aluminum Pro Port Cylinder Heads

Victor Pro-Port Raw: These new heads are the ultimate choice for extreme Pontiac race applications. They feature raised intake port openings and extended intake flanges for improved flow, while retaining the stock location, making them compatible with Victor series manifolds and Ram Air IV style headers. The intake valves have also been moved away from the cylinder wall allowing for improved burn characteristics when used with larger than stock diameter valves. These heads also features a center water outlet for improved cooling and interlinked rocker stud pad with extra thread engagement for improved valve train stability. Finally, they feature raised valve cover rails and spring pads to compliment the improved port design, but still retain the stock bolt pattern. Victor Pro-Port Raw head #77839/77849 have an 11 degree valve angle and features a 1.25" raised intake ports and flange. Stock exhaust port location.

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Description: 1100+ Hp Capable Must be completed by a professional head builder
Item #: EDL-77849-2
Condition: New
Price: $2,295.00

Description: 1100+ Hp Capable Titanium valves Titanium retainers PSI or PAC springs FOR USE ON AFTERMARKET BLOCKS ONLY, recommended 4.310 or larger bores (4.280 minimum) Requires offset solid roller lifters and shaft rockers
Item #: EDL-77849BP-440
Condition: New
Price: $10,995.00

Description: Pontiac T&D Shaft Rocker Assembly (Complete Set) Includes rocker armss, shafts, and all hardware. Part #9036- Butler/BES Victor Edelbrock Heads Specify Ratio
Item #: T&D-9036-
Condition: New
Price: $2,199.95

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