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Solid Flat Tappet Lifters- These lifters have no internal hydraulic mechanism to take up clearance. They require valve lash, or the clearance needed for the lifter to unload when the cam comes around. This clearance is required to compensate for changes due to heat. Although these are uncomplicated and have no moving parts, they require special oils and oil additives, produce valvetrain noise, and require routine valve adjustments and maintenance. In many applications a hydraulic roller can make similar power without the these drawbacks.

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Description: COMP CAMS Pontiac Solid Flat Tappet Lifters (requires longer pushrods and oil restriction) set/16
Item #: CCA-2900-16
Condition: New
Price: $206.95


Description: Pontiac/Olds CS/CB Mech Flat Tappet Lifters w/ PRESSURIZED Oil Hole in Face of Lifter (Set/16)
Item #: CCA-800-16
Condition: New
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Price: $278.95


Description: Pontiac Sealed Power True Pontiac Style Solid Flat Tappet Lifters (Set)
Item #: SPR-AT2213R-16
Condition: New
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See Part# CCA-800-16

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