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Description: For use with o-rings & sealant. .030 to .090 with or without water holes. Choose bore size.
Item #: SCE-P
Condition: New
Price: $153.95

Description: BP custom Titan copper sealed coolant passages. These head gaskets are made from dead soft copper. They are available in thicknesses from .030 to .090 with or without water holes and also any bore size.
Item #: SCE-T
Condition: New
Price: $211.95

Description: Pontiac 326-455CI COPPER HEAD Gaskets w/o coolant holes, 4.280" Bore, .040" Thick, Set/2
Item #: FLA-9638P-040-4280
Condition: New
Limited Supply: Only 1 Left!
Price: $239.95


Items 1-3 of 3