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With a complete line of superior, easy-to-use EFI systems, intake manifolds, throttle bodies and other EFI components, FAST™ is committed to bringing the best fuel injection experience to both racers and street enthusiasts everywhere.

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EFI Systems - F.A.S.T. - SELF TUNING EFI - EZ-EFI • EZ-EFI 2.0
EZ-EFI 1.0 Carb-replacement system supports stock-to-650 HP engines Setup Wizard guides you through start-up & tunes itself as you drive...More Details »
EFI Systems - F.A.S.T. - TUNABLE EFI - XFI Sportsman • XFI 2.0
XFI 2.0 Delivers Ultimate Control & Adjustability Sequential or Bank-to-Bank EFI • Trans-Brake Creep Control • Boost Control • Progressive Wet/Dry Nitrous Control; Up To 4...More Details »

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