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BP ports more Pontiac cylinder heads than anyone in the world. After years of extensive R&D both on the flow bench and on our track, we have developed some of the best performing round port and D-port cast iron Pontiac cylinder heads ever. These heads can be ported for optimum performance on a 450 HP street engine or a 700+ HP racing engine, and everything in between. We have ported D-Port heads that run low tens in 3,700 lbs. stock suspension street GTO's to heads that run 8.50's in a 2,400 lbs. bracket car. We also specialize in porting RAII, RAIV, H.O. and S.D. round port heads.

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Description: Butler built Pontiac D-Port Factory Cast Iron Cylinder Heads
Item #: CC-00156
Condition: New
Ships in 10-12 Weeks
Price: $1,895.00

Description: 6X Heads (other numbers available) Milling optional / additional charge (let us know your desired compression ratio)  Completely ported and polished...More Details »
Item #: CC-00155
Condition: New
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Call For Price: (866)762-7527
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