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Cylinder Heads
One of the most important components to an engine's performance is cylinder heads. Butler Performance is the main source for stock and performance cylinder heads for your Pontiac.

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Cylinder Heads - Edelbrock D Port Cylinder Heads (Out-of-the-Box)
Edelbrock Aluminum D - Port Cylinder Heads These heads use the stock Pontiac D-Port exhaust port exits for use with standard D-port aftermarket exhaust systems. Performer Pontiac heads...More Details »
Cylinder Heads - Edelbrock Round Port Port Cylinder Heads (Out-of-the-Box)
Edelbrock Performer RPM heads produce outstanding horsepower with excellent low speed torque and throttle response. Designed for 1965-79 389-455 c.i.d. Pontiac engines, these heads are patterned...More Details »
Cylinder Heads - BP/Edelbrock Ported Cylinder Heads
BP has conducted extensive flow bench, dyno, and track testing with these heads, all resulting in great performance numbers. We have cylinder head packages for any application, from 7-second...More Details »
Cylinder Heads - BP/Edelbrock CNC Wide Port Pontiac Cylinder Heads
Butler Performance's CNC wide port Edelbrock heads are some of the best flowing Pontiac heads available today. These heads have completely CNC ported intake and exhaust runners, so they are...More Details »
Cylinder Heads - Edelbrock Victor Pro Port Heads
Edelbrock Aluminum Pro Port Cylinder Heads Victor Pro-Port Raw:  These new heads are the ultimate choice for extreme Pontiac race applications. They feature raised intake port openings...More Details »
Cylinder Heads - All Pontiac/Tiger Cylinder Heads - 400+ CFM
Bare 356-T6 Aluminum, 400+ cfm flow out of box, 50cc combustion chamber, 310cc intake port, Will accept up to 2.300 intakes, & 1.800 exhaust valves, Guides & seats included
Cylinder Heads - Pontiac Cast Iron Cylinder Heads
BP ports more Pontiac cylinder heads than anyone in the world. After years of extensive R&D both on the flow bench and on our track, we have developed some of the best performing round port and...More Details »

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