The Butler Performance Advantage

Our first priority is you getting the right parts that work best for your application. Yes, even if it means you don't need it or a more economical option is available and the order total is lessened. Not sure which parts are the best fit for your car or stuck deciding between two options? Add the option you think is best. You can add them both and we will even recommend which is best for your application and remove the second option. We download and print each order individually all throughout the day. The orders are then screened by a tech. If we have questions we will give you a call or email you. We will gladly talk you through any issues with the order and be ready with solutions to get you what you need as fast as you need it. Changes are very easy to make and this is the time to get it right.

Don't feel like you can't or shouldn't order online if you are unsure about parts or fitment. We personally review every order before processing. We then check the fitment based on what parts you ordered against the application you provide in the checkout such as car, engine, head, transmission, etc. We also give you a place in the checkout to comment or ask questions. We highly recommend you use this feature so we can help eliminate possible fitment or performance issues. Our experienced techs, including Jim, David, and Rodney Butler are here to answer these questions.