Cars » Len Moore's 1955 GMC Superstock 4wd Pull Truck (2016 Update)

2016 Update- Makes 855 HP and 685 torque and pulls strong past 7600 RPM.

Won his first pull out with the new combo by over 10 feet, beating Big Chevies, Fords and even a Hemi. Lenny Moore's 1955 GMC Pro-Stock pull truck with a purpose built Butler Performance 505 Pontiac engine! These GMC's came from the factory with Pontiac engines and per class rules Lenny must run the original make of engine that came in the truck. Plus he has to run cast iron heads, so we started with a set of factory RAIV heads and highly modified them into a "wideport" configuration using offset shaft rockers. Lenny needs all the air flow he can get to make full pulls of 25+ seconds at well over 7000 RPM! Lenny has won several class championships over the years with his Butler powered GMC and with this newest combo we hope to keep him at the front of the pack! Check out the dyno video in the post below!

Lenny Moore's Butler Performance 499 Pontiac Pull Truck Engine - 820 HP with Factory Cast Iron RAIV Heads !!

Butler Performance built the first engine for Lenny Moore's GMC pull truck almost 10 years ago. It was a 474 Engine with a 455 block and ported RAIV heads. Lenny won multiple championships with that engine and it is still running strong today! A typical pull lasts for over 20 seconds with the engine running at over 7500 RPM !!

Lenny's second and current engine (pictured) is a Butler Performance 499 with an IAII block. This engine features highly modified (by Butler Performance) RAIV heads. We have converted these one of a kind heads to a "wideport" configuration that utilize the same .700" offset T&D shaft rockers as our CNC Wideport Edel. heads. These heads will allow Lenny to sustain higher RPM and wheel speed through the duration of the pull. We used a BOP 1x4 intake and 1150 Carb. 820 HP @ 6800 RPM- 650 ft.lbs. of torque. ( 4.375" Bore x 4.150" stroke ) Butler Performance has a PONTIAC Engine combination for ANY application!