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David Kawallek's 1981 TA Street Car

David bought a 535 assembled shortblock from Butler Performance (Dave likes to do some of his own engine work but wanted us to do the shortblock blueprint and assembly). He also bought a set of our CNC Wideport Edel. heads, ported Victor Intake and all other parts to finish the top end. David received everything he needed for a complete 535 Engine in one crate from Butler Performance, including ignition, valve covers, Evac Pump kit, etc. Below is a spec sheet and letter Dave sent to us:

Make and Model Pontiac Firebird Trans-am
Year 1981
Weight with Driver ¾ Tank of Fuel 3908
Fuel Required 114 Octane
Engine Butler Performance 535 Cubic Inch Displacement
Power Adder None
Air Cleaner K&N 16” with 1” Drop For Dominator Style Carburetor
Carburetor 1150 CFM Holley Dominator Book Racing
Intake Manifold Butler Performance Ported Edelbrock Victor Dominator Ported to Match Wide Port Heads
Fuel Pump Mangna Fuel Quick Star 300
Fuel Lines Steel Braided
Regulator Holley Large Port
Cylinder Heads Butler Performance Edelbrock CNC Wide Ports
Rocker Arms T&D Shaft Rockers 1.60 Ratio
Valves Ferrea 6000 Series Valves
Engine Block IAII Iron Block
Pistons Ross Flat Top
Rings Total Seal Classic
Compression Ratio 13.3:1
Crankshaft Crower Billet 4.50 Stroke
Connecting Rods Eagle H Beam ARP 2000 Bolt
Camshaft Make and Type Comp Cams Solid Roller
Cam Specs Ground On a 112 LSA Installed @ 108 L/C With .440 Lobe
Distributor MSD Pro Billet
Amplifier Crane HI -6
Coil Crane
Total Timing 38 Degrees Locked
Headers Hooker 2” Primary Model #4202
Exhaust System Dr. Gas 3 1/2” X Cross Over Over Walker Race Magnum 3” Mufflers Torque Tech 3” Tail Pipes
Transmission Turbo 400 Forward Pattern Manual Valve Body
Converter Continental 10” 4700 Stall
Shifter Stock Pontiac Slap Shift
Rear End Moser Ford Nine Inch
Rear Gear Ratio 3.5
Posi Trac Tec Detroit Locker
Axles Moser 35 Spline
Wheels F/R Weld Racing Pro Star
Tires F/R Goodyear Invecta GL Front Mickey Thompson ET Drag Radials 325x50 Rear
Suspension Front Stock GM Springs Sway Bar Removed Carrera 90/10 Drag Shocks
Control Arms Stock Upper and Lower Control Arms
Suspension Rear Cal-Trac Split Mono Springs Competition Engineering 3 Way Adjustable Drag Shocks Set At 50/50
Traction Devise Cal-Trac Traction Bars
Best ET 9.92 137.27 MPH
Best 60 Foot 1.46
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David writes: Car is driven occasionally just for fun- at normal cruising the car seems like a real pussy cat. The exhaust is relatively quiet and with the Drag Radials it really handles quite well. The car rarely ever exceeds 180 degrees while cruising around, even in 95 plus degree heat. I do drive the car to the track every time and me and my Mopar buddy lay claim that we are the fastest street driven cars that are naturally aspirated that race at our local track. That says a lot about the two most unsuspecting cars that are not either a Chevy or a Ford, and when people look under the hood to see a Pontiac engine in the bay after laying down a fast pass is just priceless!! Just the few passes I have made this year with the new engine have just totally surpassed my expectations. I thought I would have to change the converter and gear and really work over the suspension to get it to run a nine second pass. I do plan to change these things in the future just to see how quick I can get this car to run but for now I am very pleased. I have been purchasing parts from the Butlers for many, many years and have always been satisfied with the products and the service. The attention I received and advise on my latest project was no different, David is probably tired of me calling every other week just to keep him updated on how the car is doing. Butler Performance, thank you for all your help over the years and being someone a person could count on when it comes to parts or performance help and advice. Thank you, David Kawallek