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1970 – 1981 Firebird Trans AM 1000 Horsepower Cooling Power Radiator – Dual 14″ HP Fans – Aluminum Shroud

– 2-rows of 1 1/4″ cooling tubes

– Dual 16″ HP fans for a total 5600 CFM
Availability: Ships in 4-6 weeks
Pricing: $1,780.00

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When you’re building the most bad ass Chevelle around with killer horsepower and modern air conditioning, you need a bad ass radiator to keep it cool.

Capable of cooling upwards of 1000 horsepower with ease, you’ll find the limits of the structural integrity of a production iron big block before you’ll run out of cooling power with this radiator system.

What makes this radiator so killer? For starters, it’s made with our 2-row core with 1-1/4”cooling tubes.  To make it work to it’s full potential, we strapped on two of our killer 2800 CFM 16” fans for 5600 CFM total cooling power.

That’s not a typo. 5600 CFM. In addition to keeping your Chevelle cool in 110 degree heat with the A/C blasting, it might also suck your 3500+ lb Chevelle down the road. Or add 10 MPH to your trap speed.

Because this radiator uses our killer 16” fans, we recommend using our FC03 fan two-speed fan controller is mandatory. Our two speed fan controller allows you to tame these fans when you don’t need the full CFM.

What’s the advantage of running the fans at a high and low speed? Great question. Running the fans at low speed keeps your alternator from getting hammered hard.

When an electrical motor starts, it has what’s known as an in-rush current. This in-rush current is the current draw required to get the motor spinning and can be twice the current when the fans are running. So if a fan pulls 20 amps once it’s running, the in-rush current might be up to 40 amps.

For a pair of fans, that means upwards of 80 amps of current draw when both fans start at the same time.

For your electrical system, what does this mean? It means it will get hammered if you turn both fans on at the same time.  And hammered HARD. Our 16” fans pull about 20 amps each and the in-rush current is upwards of 35 amps.

That means a 70 amp hammer drops on your alternator. Ouch. This why your lights dim and your engine might stumble briefly when the fans come on.

The two speed fan controller softens the blow on your electrical system. How does it do this? Quite simply, at low speed, the fans pull about 10 amps each (15 amps each in-rush) or 20 amps  for the pair. This limits the in-rush current to a manageable 30 amps.

And then when you go from low speed to high speed, it’s an additional 30 amp in-rush. It allows your electrical system to live a long and healthy life

Overall dimensions are 33″ wide x 19″ high x 7-1/4″ deep.


– 2-rows of 1-1/4″ cooling tubes

– dual 16″ HP fans for a total 5600 CFM

– precision TIG welded construction

– Lifetime warranty

– billet CNC machined filler neck

– heavy duty plate transmission cooler

– stainless steel hardware

100% Satisfaction and cooling guarantee. We guarantee you’ll think our products are sexy and will cool your engine up to our stated horsepower cooling capacity.

For fan control, use our RH-02 Wiring Harness made specifically for high powered fans.


  • ENT-RAD-9573HD-14HP
  • ENT-RAD-9573HD-14HP
  • Entropy
  • Ships in 4-6 weeks
  • New


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