Order Processing

Butler Performance is not just another engine builder or mail order warehouse. We are true Pontiac guys who have a love for cars and racing. We have built our business on good customer service while providing customers with high performance engines, machining services, and parts for their Pontiac muscle cars and race cars. Many companies hire order takers and process your order like another number in the system. We don't do that here. We review each order by hand before we even process the charge. We try to ensure the parts or services ordered fit the application. We by no means talk a person out of a part or service they want, but review each order and assist customers with fitment and to put it plain; what works well and what doesn't.

This not only keeps our returns low, but helps keep our customers from running into avoidable issues down the road. Most of this happen with no knowledge or interruption to the customer. We spend the time and effort on our side to help make sure you are happy with your purchase. Saying all this, we want to take a minute to show you the flow of your order as we process it in our shop no matter if its via the internet, phone, or walk-in.

Online Orders- Don't feel like you can't or shouldn't order online if you are unsure about parts or fitment. We see every order and check the fitment based on what parts you ordered together and the questions you answered in the checkout such as car, engine, head, transmission, etc. We also give you a place in the checkout to comment or ask about anything in the order. Our first priority is you getting the right parts that work best for your application. Yes, even if it means you don't need it or a more economical option is available and the order total is lessened. Not sure which gasket or distributor fits your car? Add them both or which one you think you need and we will make sure you it's the right fit. We download and print each order individually all throughout the day. The orders are then screened by a tech. If we have questions we will give you a call or email you. We will gladly talk you through any issues with the order and will be ready with solutions to get you what you need as fast as you need it. Changes are very easy to make and this is the time to get it right.

Call-In/Walk-In Orders- We love to talk. Especially about Pontiacs. Our skilled techs are on the phone all day helping you with parts information, fitment, selection, tech help, machine services, assemblies & engines, as well as custom engines and services that are unique to your build that can't be purchased online. We take the order by phone and verify each part and service you purchased. We then process your charge and put the order in to be fully processed and shipped.

Picking/Packaging- Once the order has been approved and is ready, we move it to the picking stage. The items are hand picked from our warehouse and staged to be boxed. Our damage rate is very low because we spend the extra time and money to ensure our cartons are durable for the journey and packed so they are not shifting during transit. We have expanded our shipping department with many custom cartons, shipping packages, and bags so that each type of item is shipped in the best package so it's not damaged. Each item is verified again on the packing slip as it is boxed. When multiple items are in a carton we notate which items are in which box. It is sealed and weighed, ready for shipping.

Shipping- We look at the amount of shipping on every item and every order. If there is a method of transit that gets it to you quicker, cheaper, or a better method overall we take the extra time to compare prices before it ships. While shipping costs are not something we make money on, we are very aggressive in negotiating rates and offering as many good shipping options as possible.