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500hp+ Pontiac Carbureted Muscle Car Engine on Pump Gas
Butler Pontiac Power at its best. Butler Core or customer block making over 500hp and 515 lbs tq on pump gas. Features Butler/Ross rotating assembly with Eagle crank and Butler...More Details »
500hp+ Pontiac EFI Muscle Car Engine on Pump Gas
This beautiful build features a Sniper QJet EFI system with a March Black Onyx Serpentine System. It's internal components are a Butler Ross BU assembly 4.181" bore and 4.250" stroke with a...More Details »
600hp+ Torqstorm Supercharged Engine
This was a 600hp+ Pontiac 428 build using a supercharger from Torqstorm. Built on a Butler core or customer block. Also featured Ross custom pistons in 4.165" bore, Edelbrock D-Port CNC...More Details »
700hp+ 535ci Pump Gas Engine w/ IAII Cast Block
This build featured an IAII aftermarket black, Forged 4.5" stroke Crank, Custom Ross Pistons in 4.350" bore, Comp Solid Roller Cam, Edelbrock CNC Round Port Heads, Holley 950 Ultra XP Carb....More Details »
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Description: The filter used in all Butler Engines. Proven reliability. Trust us, we've tried them all and seen many catastrophic failures from many name brand filters.
Item #: WIX-51258
Condition: New
Price: $9.95

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