Cars » Ryan Tremblay's 535 c.i. / 820 HP Pump Gas Trans AM

Ryan Tremblay's 535 c.i. / 820 HP Pump Gas Trans AM

See below pictures for info on this car being for sale

Ryan sent us this email telling us about the engines performance

"Thanks Butler Performance for the amazing combination. 829hp, 700ft lbs. on 92 Octane pump gas, all under a factory hood and working shaker. Over 1100hp with NOS. This combo is insane. The FAST EFI system makes it a true street machine with the drive-ability of a Ferrari no matter what the weather is. Just turn the key, step on the gas, hold on, and scream. You sent me all the parts I needed to build my own engine with the utmost of professionalism all the way. I have already put over 3000 street miles on the engine with no issues and not even a change in valve lash- insane durability and street manners given the high HP combo. I have had the opportunity to do a top speed run on a runway, and I was able to hit an estimated top speed of aprox. 203 mph (325kmh) on pump gas, in less than 20 seconds (The car is good to 180 mph and then starts to float!) I then turned right around and drove home and averaged 20+ mpg."

(Ryan runs a TCI 6X / 6spd AT Overdrive electronic transmission- contact us for details about this cool new trans. from TCI)

UPDATE 1/2014

Ryan ran his car at the track, but only got to make one full motor pass and then one full nitrous pass before he was kicked out of the track for not having a full roll cage!

9.72 ET on motor (pump gas!!)

8.73 on single stage nitrous

Again Ryan was able to do this with only 2 full passes on a 10" ”slick. And he drives the car up to 200 miles to race!