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Introducing the Burt Reynolds Edition Trans Am by YearOne

Update 5/2013

Year’s One’s B.P. powered TA was just featured on SPEED TV’s “R U Faster Than A Redneck”. NASCAR driver Kenny Wallace took the Super Chicken on the track to defeat a Lamborghini!

Speed Promo

Year One goes up close with the Super Chicken

Legendary style meets supercar performance in this limited production, hand-built muscle car.

When the 1977 Special Edition Trans Am was chosen to star alongside Burt Reynolds in the classic movie Smokey and the Bandit®, history was made. Burt and the Trans Am became superstars of popular culture, recognized everywhere as the epitome of cool, fun, and style.

Three decades later, and YearOne is teaming the star and the car together again, with a modern performance makeover that injects supercar levels of power and grip into legendary style. The Burt Reynolds Edition Trans Am by YearOne. It’s undeniably cool. It’s seriously fast. And it’s extremely limited. Get one while you can. " (Preceding text taken from

These limited production supercars are being offered in three stages, each having different engine options. The BAN2 and BAN3 cars can be ordered with a Butler Performance 535 Pontiac engine producing over 650 HP on pump gas!! An aluminum block and EFI are also available options. Contact Butler Performance or YearOne directly for more details.

Update on Year One's BRE/BAN 3 test car ( dubbed SuperChicken! )with Butler Performance Power !!