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Jeremy's 1970 FB with a Butler Performance 505 cu. in.

To Butler Performance,

I have been buying parts and slowly rebuilding my 1970 Firebird since 2000. In 2013, when it was time for a new engine, I had a couple local machine shops work on a 461 Stroker that never lived to its potential and had nothing but issues and problems. I then decided to call Butler and have them build an engine for me that was powerful and reliable.

I ordered an IAII 505 and from day one, Butler was very eager to please and helpful. They asked me what I wanted and told me how to go about it. When I received my engine, it was clean, beautiful and ran like a dream! I now have an engine that I can be confident and proud to own.

Butler Performance has great quality control and customer service. I will always recommend them and I will never shop anywhere else.


Sacramento, California