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With 680 Hp And 664 Lb Ft Of Torque, The Butler Built 505ci EFI Engine Doesn't Have To Make Apologies To Anyone. It Idles Smoothly, Drives Well, Sounds Mean, And Makes Tons Of Power. Full Specs Can Be Found In The Chart. The Smooth, Clean Look Of The Engine Compartment Delivers A Sophisticated And Finished Appearance. Now Painted, You Can See The Nice Integration Of The Radiator Cover, Sheetmetal Firewall, And Fender Fillers. Trick Looking Fesler Built Chevelle Hood Hinges Were Modified By The Roadster Shop To Work On The GTO. They Add A High Tech Look, As Does Billet Specialties' Air Cleaner (with A K&N Filter).

David Butler of Butler Performance said of the engine, “We were looking for modern driveability and durability, with the power and torque of a big-inch traditional Pontiac engine. We also wanted a powerplant that would perform well in a variety of street and race applications. The third thing we were after was a specific engine combo that we could duplicate for future JWSE customer cars, without varying from the horsepower we achieved in the prototype.”

Technical Specifications
Year/Model: 1969 Jim Wangers Signature Edition GTO
Race Weight With Driver: 4,350 lbs
Curb Weight: 4,100 lbs
Fuel Level When Weighed: Full
Fuel: 93 octane
Engine: Butler/IA II
Cubic Inches: 505

Induction System
Fuel Injection: FAST
Throttle Body: FAST, Dominator-style, 4150
Injectors: Edelbrock 44-lb/hr PICO
Intake Manifold: Edelbrock

Fuel System
Pump: Aeromotive, electric
Lines: Aeromotive -8, -6
Regulator: Aeromotive, set to 45 psi

Casting: Edelbrock
Head Porting: Butler CNC
Flow Numbers: 332/265 cfm at 0.700-in lift
Valves: Ferrea 2.25/1.74-in, stainless steel

Bottom End
Pistons: Ross forged aluminum, flat-top, 4.350-in
Rings: Total Seal Classic Race, file-to-fit, 1/16, 1/16, 3/16-in
Rods: Eagle forged-steel, H-Beam 6.800-in
Compression Ratio: 10.9:1
Crankshaft: Butler forged-steel, 4.250-in stroke, nitrided
Rotating Assembly Balanced: Yes

Brand: Comp Cams hydraulic roller
Duration at 0.050: 248/254-deg
Lift With Specified Rocker Arms: 0.618/0.618-in
Lobe Separation Angle: 110-deg
Installed Position: 107-deg

Distributor: MSD Pro-Billet
Amplifier: MSD 6AL
Coil: MSD Blaster 2
Wires: MSD 8.5 mm
Spark Plugs: NGK R5671A-7
Total Timing: 34-deg
RPM that total timing is reached: 2,800

Headers: Doug’s
Primaries: 1.875-in diameter
Collectors: 3.5-in diameter
Exhaust Pipes: 3-inch stainless, custom
Mufflers: Pypes
Crossover: Custom X-type pipe

Transmission: Tremec TR6060 six-speed
Clutch: SPEC Stage 3
Shifter: Modified Hurst
Rear: Ford 9-in
Rear Gear Ratio: 3.70:1
Posi: Detroit Truetrac
Axles: Moser, 31-spline

Chassis and Suspension
Brakes Front: Wilwood/Jim Wangers Signature Edition
Rotors: 14-in
Calipers: Six-piston
Brakes Rear: Wilwood/Jim Wangers Signature Edition
Rotors: 13-in
Calipers: Six-piston
Wheels Front: HRE/Jim Wangers Signature Edition, 19×10
Tires Front: Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 275/30ZR19
Wheels Rear: HRE/Jim Wangers Signature Edition, 20×12
Tires Rear: Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 335/30ZR20

Suspension Front
Springs: Eibach, 600 lb-rate
Control Arms: Tubular, with Corvette C6 spindle
Stabilizer Bar: NASCAR-style 1.25-in
Shocks: AFCO coilovers, remote reservoir, double-adjustable
Steering: Corvette rack and pinion

Suspension Rear
Springs: Eibach, 450 lb-rate
Control Arms: Tubular
Stabilizer Bar: None
Shocks: AFCO coilovers, double-adjustable

The Rest
Top Speed: Builder’s estimate, 190 mph
Price: Over $100,000 at press time

Performance Highlights
Road Course Time: 1:07:50
Skid Pad Average Lateral G-force: 0.955 g
60-0 Mph Braking Distance: 147 feet
Dragstrip Quarter-mile: 12.16 at 120.41 mph