Cars » The FarmBird by FarmTruck and AZN from Street Outlaws

The FarmBird was a first seen on Discovery Channel's Street Outlaws with FarmTruck and AZN. It was a build to compete against Aaron Kaufman from Gas Monkey Garage in the Mega Race featuring Big Chief and Richard Rawlings. The car took its root as a Trans Am dirt track car with a modest Pontiac 455 engine with cast iron heads. Needless to say, Farmtruck and Azn were not satisfied with a cool looking creation that wasn't making the power they needed. So guess who got the call? Yes, you guessed right, Butler Performance. After the Mega Race Farm Truck and AZN brought the Farmbird to our shop so we could add custom Butler/Edelbrock CNC Ported Heads, Butler/Comp Cams custom ground cam, and some other Butler specific upgrades. Wink, Wink...

When the car was finished, we had the opportunity have a little fun. The Farmbird, with Farmtruck and AZN, flew down to our private track. Several passes were made and the tuning was now complete where it headed back into its nest. Next stop, Bristol Motor Speedway.

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