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Butler Performance Stage 2 Quadrajet Carburetor, 800 CFM, BPI-335008

Pontiac Quadrajet Carburetor Stage 2- Built by leading carb builder. Engine tested and ready to install.
Normally For use on Modified 350-400-455 engines with Aftermarket Cam, 8.5-10:1 Compression, Mildly Ported Iron or Aluminum Heads, Aluminum Intake and Headers but can be used on any stock or slightly modified applications
Availability: DISCONTINUED * SEE JET-32102


The bodies used are later model with later model linkage and electric choke. To use in older applications you may need to adapt or upgrade your throttle cable.

Front Fuel Inlet
Intended for moderately modified street performance vehicles.
All circuits will be modified and tuned to match the specifications of your engine combination, Including:
Idle down tube(idle jet) and idle air bleed resized for smooth idle quality with performance camshafts.
CRO(channel restriction orifice) resized for crisp off-idle and part throttle response.
Main jet and metering rods selected for clean cruise mixture and strong part throttle response and acceleration.
Proper metering rod power piston spring selected to match engine vacuum characteristics
Secondary metering rods and hanger selected and high-speed air bleeds resized for maximum full throttle horsepower and torque.
Select highest quality cores for best performance and reliability
Strip to bare metal, inspect for defects, then apply dichromate coating for a brilliant gold finish.
Strip and cadmium plate all hardware, including throttle shafts, linkage, levers, spring, and screws.
Install bushings in the baseplate to eliminate any potential vacuum leaks at primary throttle shaft.
Install APT (ADJUSTABLE PART THROTTLE) to allow adjustment of part throttle and cruise speed (steady throttle, 1800-4000 rpm) air/fuel mixture in seconds without any disassembly, tuning can be done while engine is running!

Apply epoxy to the main body casting plug to eliminate common "leak down" problem associated with Quadrajets.
Idle, transition, main, and high-speed circuits modified to provided optimum fuel curve for YOUR engine
Assembled using the highest quality components, including:
New jets and metering rods.
High capacity accelerator pump featuring materials that are resistant to alcohol and other additives commonly found in today's fuel
Nitrophyl solid composite float that can't crack or sink.
Premium quality gaskets
High flow .130" needle and seat assembly.
New electric choke for cold starting and driveability.
New choke pull-off for clean, smooth warm-ups.

Built by SMI for Butler Performance with 1 YR warranty all parts and labor

All SMI built carbs are tested on an engine and pre-tuned, ready for you to final tune to your application

Built for Pontiac Engines sizes 350, 400 & 455*

The throttle bracket supplied with the carb. is set up for the 2004R transmission. Therefore, if you have a T350 (the 400 does not use a cable) it is simply a matter of re-adjusting your kick down cable.

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  • 14.0 lbs.