Engine Combinations

These are just a few of our combos
Check out our Engine Masters Challenge results from 03'

We can do these engine using any of the rotating assembly combinations from our assembly list

389-416 cu. in.
400-450+ HP
Daily driver combos include. 350-389-400 block, 
89+ Octane & hyd. cam. Cast Iron D-port Heads.

Butler Performance Builds More Pontiac Horsepower with More Combinations Than Anyone in the World!!!

447-467 cu. in.
475-550+ HP 
560 ft lbs. torque.
Street performance combos include 389-400-428-455 block, 91+ octane, hyd. Cam, cast iron D-port or Edelbrock Alum. Heads
461-474 cu. in.
625 ft lbs. Torque
Pump gas, street-strip combos include 400-428-455 block, 92+ octane, hyd. roller or solid mechanical cam, AS SEEN IN The GTO Tiger! 10.80's @ 3700+lbs., street legal. We are also a finalist in the (PHR) Engine Master Challenge with one of these combos! 659 hp, 625 ft lbs. torque on 92 octane
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487-511 cu. in.
710 ft lbs. torque.
Bracket race combos(or add nitrous or blower for heads-up racing) include 400-428-455 or after market block, 114+ octane, CNC wideport Edelbrock heads, Victor intake, solid roller cam. 
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461-474 cu. in.
650+ ft lbs. torque.
Limited street or bracket race combos include 400-428-455 block, requires 110+ octane, solid roller cam(or super aggressive solid mech.) Race prepped cast iron heads or Edelbrock Alum. Heads, solid flat tappet, hyd. roller or solid roller cam.
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We Make The Most Pontiac Horsepower PERIOD!
565-572 cu. in.
(after market block)
740 ft lbs. torque
This combo includes CNC wideport Edelbrock Heads and sheet metal intake, 98 octane 10.9:1 C.R STREETABLE and durable combo - just ask Mark Scordato. He has one of these 565's in his show quality 1968 GTO convertible 5 speed street car. And yes he does drive this car regularly on the street!!! WITH 892 HP. 745 FT LBS. TORQUE.
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490-601 cu. in
900-960+ HP
Race Engines
Gas or Alcohol
116+ octane, std. and tall deck deck versions, 2X4 sheet metal intake. CNC wideport Edelbrock heads, bracket race reliability with heads-up power!

Picture shown is - 499 cu. in. on gas - no nitrous - 967 HP

Pure Pontiac
Nitrous, Supercharged, Turbo engines for
streetable combosto 6 second race engines. Carb and fuel injection combos available.
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805 HP on PUMP GAS

with March Serpentine System modified for use with an electric water pump and a crankcase evac pump